In 2020, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Jean Pillot Chassagne Montrachet Les Baudines 2017
9.5 stars
24 Jan 2020
With no expectations as I’m not familiar with this parcel in Chassagne Montrachet, except that it was on the borders of Chassagne and Santenay, it was one of the biggest surprise of white burgundy for me this year (albeit at the start of the year). I really enjoyed the content, as it was not just a big wine but also big on flavour, relatively transparent and clean, and somehow very addictive to drink and will leave the palate screaming for more, before I knew it, the whole bottle was gone already. I was also surprised the abundance of acidity was way beyond a normal Chassagne Montrachet wine. Bouquet was also screaming big and ripe fruits. I totally surrendered to this unknown gem!


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