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For Monctrachet level, Joseph Drouhin’s Marquis de Laguichi Monctrachet was an indisputable and unashamed champion. The bouquet was filled with toffee and ripe oranges. Palate, when chilled, was very tight, primarily orange character. You need to warm up the glass, and suddenly it opened up with generosity, oily, rich and generous layers, one of the best Monctrachet I’ve ever had.

约瑟夫杜鲁安酒庄是一家酒庄无可取代, 他们的特级庄的酒简直是太完美了。开始是橙色的味道,尤其是冰镇的杯子。给点耐心,冰镇后的口感完全不一样,变得胸怀宽广,非常大方和体面,根本就是大将风范,一款最令人难忘的顶尖酒。

White Burgundy
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Joseph Drouhin
1999 Joseph Drouhin Marquis de Laguiche Montrachet750ml


$ 1,200

Bok Rating: 10/10
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