In 2020, Tasting Notes
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Juyondai Aiyama Junmai Ginjio Hyogo Prefecture
9.5 stars
21 Dec 2020

I have a disclaimer: I’m not a big fan of Juyondai, what I didn’t like about it is that it stressed the fruits more than the finesse, perhaps this being a Junmai Ginjio rather than Daijingio makes the difference too. At 50% rice polishing ratio and 15% abv, it’s not a big styled sake, and very suitable for moderately strong Japanese food. I loved pairing this sake with our Grassl Mineralite stemware, as it really expressed the beverage to its best, especially the bouquet was totally filled with the best fragrant rice on earth. No doubt, its unique sweetness is quite hedonistic, however, the length was a bit short. Despite the short length, the beauty of the sake is that the fragrance actually gets retained in the mouth cavity for a long period of time.


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