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Juyondai Omachi Jinmai Ginjio 中取り純米吟酿 赤磐雄町
9.0 stars
7 April 2021

Okayama is the birthplace for Omachi rice, and this premium rice is used to produce this Juyondai Omachi Jinmai Ginjio. Rice polishing ratio of 50% and alcohol of 15%. Like most Juyondai, they all come in 1.8L format (I have not seen any other format for Juyondai except for 1.8L). I don’t quite understand why the 50% rice polishing ratio didn’t qualify as a Junmai Daiginjio, I was told it was the decision of Juyondai to call it a Ginjio instead. I brought my bottle of half chilled sake to the Japanese restaurant (obviously with my own Grassl Mineralite stemware), poured a small glass and started my evaluation of the content. I did not look too happy after the first whiff and sip. The bouquet was so sweet that I could tell what’s forthcoming with the content; obviously too sweet! If I serve this sake to my diabetes friends, how will they look at me? I ordered an ice bucket with extra ice and throw the whole bottle into the freezing bucket without touching it for a good 15 mins, then I re-evaluated the content again. This time round the chillness really contained the sweetness and much more approachable with the content. I still get significant amount of rice sweetness but it’s tolerable, at least it’s mellow and approachable. Frankly, I really wish to urge Juyondai not to make sake so sweet, an SMV value of around 1 to 3 should suffice, as nowadays people don’t really enjoy alcohol that’s too sweet.


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