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Kubota Manju Junmai Daiginjio Niigata Prefecture
9.25 stars
17 Dec 2020

Manju is the highest qualify of Kubota, rated as a Junmai Daiginjio with 50% rice polishing ratio, the quality is stunning. Asahi Brewery, established in 1830, believed in “quality first” and certainly this was reflected fully in this sake. I played a game with the Japanese chef, served him a glass using Grassl Mineralite, and another glass using a traditional sake glass, the chef sworn that they’re different sake served, as the quality served from the Japanese sake glass was “rough and rugged”, while from the Grassl stemware, not only the bouquet was exploding, the content was of ultimate finesse and refinement. As such, I highly recommend drinkers using Grassl Mineralite stemware. The bouquet was of the best Jasmine rice fragrance I’ve ever come across (although Kubota Manju uses Gohyakumangoku rice varietal). Content was so refined, feminine and with stunning length, it’s not just the finishing but the retainment of the aftertaste lingered around in the mouth for multiple seconds. This is a sake not to be missed, extreme value for money!

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