In 2019, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

BE PATIENT 给点耐心 – 9.5/10 STARS

1975 was a great Pomerol vintage, probably the shining star appellation in Bordeaux. I have drank quite a lot of 75 Pomerols, they’re really impressive across the board, even with those lesser known labels like Nenin. Unsurprisingly, a consistent La Conseillante performed exceptionally well too. Bouquet of floral, along with thick animal fur and blood. Body was thick and gracious, very rounded as well as chunky fruits. Based upon my past tastings of La Conseillante, I believe this wine has not reached it’s fully matured windows, will still keep on improving in the bottle. Easily have a lifespan for another 30 years.


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