In 2020, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

La Pointe Pomerol 1975
9.5 stars
19 Dec 2020

La Pointe is not a big name producer in Pomerol, their status is probably closer to a high end supermarket wine than a well known wine estate in Pomerol. However, I have to keep stressing, Bordeaux is all about vintage and not about how famous the producer is, thus try not to put down a not-so-famous producer, thinking they cannot produce good wines. 1975 is a super great Pomerol vintage, in my memory I cannot recall any serious failures from this appellation, whereas there are numerous failures on the left bank. If I have to bet my horses, Pomerol has a 99% guaranteed satisfaction buy for 1975, whereas left bank is shaky. This La Pointe did not disappoint, bouquet of elegant smoke coupled with matured red fruits. I do enjoy the content, it’s at its prime drinking window right now with very rounded texture and fully matured fruits, not a tinge of weakness, a perfect bottle to go along with lamb chop!


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