In 2019, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

La Turque, Cote Rotie 2010
9.5 stars
4 Nov 2019

RP rated it 98-100, I was attracted to the score as I wanted to gauge myself whether it’s going to be a perfect bottle? La Turque was normally more powerful and structurally sounder than her siblings La Landonne and La Mouline. However, when I tasted it on my first sip, I was making up my mind that this should be a La Landone, as it was not powerful nor a big wine in anyway. It carried more finesse and elegance than the La Turque that I knew of, predominantly driven by dark fruits, quite round and still at a very adolescence stage to drink right now, as I’ll prefer to wait probably another 30 years. However, I really don’t see how this was a perfect scored wine, in fact far from my expectation of a perfect bottle, the only charm I had was my first few sips, thereafter nothing special anymore. Thus I’m afraid I’m not a fan of RP scores at all.


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