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Lafite Pauillac 1978
Stunning Pauillac Vintage

I’m 100% persuaded that 1978 is a Pauillac vintage, as I have so far drank Lafite, Latour, Mouton Rothschild, Pichon Baron and Pichon Lalande, none of them have ever disappointed me, whereas many right banks are not up to my expectation. I have come to the conclusion that 1978 is just made for Pauillac. Lafite 1978 was a stunner, the nose was so seductive, blended with elegant smoke and feminine characters. Content was very seductive; addictive to drink, I had sips and sips, really enjoyed the wine.

1978 是个伟大的波尔多产区波雅克村的酒, 我喝过很多波雅克的1978好酒, 比如拉图,拉菲,木桐,女爵和男爵,每一瓶都可以成为当晚的经典。但是要注意1978波尔多的右岸酒却通常令我失望,所以买1978年份的波尔多真的需要做点功课。这瓶拉菲1978接近完美;鼻香有着非常优雅的烟熏味和温柔的味道。内容也倾城倾国,简直是太吸引人了!每一口都有着非常迷人的口感,每喝一口就想喝下一口,魅力没有办法阻挡!

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