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Le Clos du Caillou Le Tradition Chateaneauf du Pape 2020
9.25 stars
23 Feb 2022

An extremely young vintage, so I did not hesitate to have a long decanting time of 3 hours, plus the drinking time span across 2 hours, I’d say the wine is really enjoyable over a span of 5 hours. I must confess I have never been a big fan of CDP, but I have had good exposure of Le Clos du Caillou since 2000s, so I know the profile of this CDP well enough, and never hesitate to drink it based upon my good impression of it’s past. Pedigree remains the same, quality is assured. Bouquet of definitive CDP; spice, liquorice, rich dark fruits, a touch of stone as well. Palate is surprisingly friendly and approachable at such young age, alongside with elegance and finesse, not often can be associated with CDP. Obvious black fruits mingled with small amount of red fruits, plums, herbs and pepper. This is a fine quality of CDP that’s not what I’d expect at this price point, highly recommended.

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