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Le Petit Haut Lafitte by Smith Haut Lafitte 2018
9.5 stars
29 Jul 2021

I have been following Smith Haut Lafitte’s wines for more than a decade, especially their second wine Le Petit Haut Lafitte. The quality is improving every year since 2009 (this is the vintage I started following this wine). 2010 is great, follow by 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016 (in ascending vintage quality improvement), we skip 2017 as it’s conceived as a poor Bordeaux vintage. We all know 2018 is a great Bordeaux vintage, when I open this bottle, the quality still stuns me as THE BEST LE PETIT HAUT LAFITTE I HAVE EVER TASTED! Bouquet of very prominent dark cherry, blackberry, black currants and light vanilla. A sip and I swear it’s so addictive I finish the whole bottle in less than an hours’ time! I must confess it’s a very difficult to describe content, as there’s no precedence for Bordeaux wines produce in such style; It definitely has the pedigree of the past vintages, but in a more amplified way. Extremely lively content, the cherry is like dancing on my palate non-stop, so fresh and so engaging, that I must make a strong statement here: This is definitely the BEST wine you can find in the market under $100. I’m happy to take challenges from strong contenders like Les Forts de Latour, Pavillon du Chateau Margaux or Carraudes de Lafite, I can guarantee their pleasure quality never come close to Le Petit Haut Lafitte, this is a truly unique wine that’s worth every drinker’s attention. It’s not easy for Bok to write such a bold statement, but after drinking Bordeaux for more than 20 years, I use my reputation to guarantee the satisfaction.

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