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Second wine of Smith Haut Lafitte, superb quality and super price, especially on a great vintage like 2015, really impressed by the quality. Nose of initial strong berries, mingled with red and black fruits. Content was super soft and silky, with strong fruity content and very grippy tannins. I decanted it for 4 hours to have it tamed down to be pleasant.

史密斯拉菲的副牌酒, 除了拉图的副牌酒我是想不到还有那一款比这个还要好的。性价比非常高,值得拥有。

想像不到竟然是如此柔顺,简直丝绸般的口感,虽然单宁还是有点重。放在醒酒器里4个小时才把它征服了, 后果是融化的单宁和悠长的回味与柔顺的果味。物价比无可替代。

Item DescriptionSizeStockPriceTasting Note
Vintage 2015
Le Petit Havt Lafitte by Smith Haut Lafitte750ml


$ 79

Bok Rating: 9/10
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