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Leroy Les Beau Monts, Vosne Romanee 1er Cru 1998
9.5 stars
25 Dec 2019

 I had this twice, with another from a different vintage that’s the killer 1990. I must confess the 1990 bouquet was way  beyond words. However, this 1998 did not have the bouquet like the 1990, but it has the body that was unparalleled compared to the 1990. The bouquet was probably close to non-existence, probably because we drank the wine during lunch in an outdoor climat! (I know this sounded crazy, but it was Xmas). The body was an overwhelming amount of fruits, but the fruits do not overpower, just the right meat at the right place. The length was astonishing, as if it was endless (by red burgundy standard). The price tag was beyond description, I must confess this was way beyond what I would pay for a red burgundy (around S$4,000+), but since I was offered to drink it, might as well enjoy it right?


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