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Les Forts de Latour 1977
9.25 stars
30 Sep 20

For a vintage that’s been hit by hail and frost, most Bordeaux drinkers avoid this vintage as there is hardly any great wine. However, we at Fine Wines have extensive knowledge about Bordeaux, and we are here to assist you to go through the myth of a poor vintage. The only label in Bordeaux, be it in great vintage or poor, that produced consistent wine, would be Latour. But we’re talking about Les Forts de Latour here, 2nd wine of Latour! Surely, Les Forts de Latour is the most consistent and reliable 2nd wine amongst all the first growth. There was once I was served with Les Forts de Latour 2003 amongst all the Grand Vin of 89, 01 and 04, and I thought Les Forts de Latour 03 was the Grand Vin from the 70s or early 80s! Similarly, this 1977 you could easily be fooled to think that it’s a Grand Vin Latour; the bouquet turned smoky after 30 mins in the glass, the content turned robust and flavorful with short decanting in the glass. It’s so drinkable and detected no dilution from the watershed 1977 character.


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