In 2020, Tasting Notes
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Louis Benjamin Dagueneau Les Jardins de Babylons Jurancon 2011
9.25 stars
29 Apr 2020

The famed Didier Dagueneau’s son Louis Benjamin took over the vineyard after the sudden death of Didier, and the winemaking skill was maintained well. Not often one come across this Les Jardins de Babylons, which was made from the grape varieties of Petit Manseng from South West France. These grapes enjoyed from the late harvest, thus yielding relatively sweet and concentrated sugar content. It has high level of acidity, and content was like an extremely fresh pineapple juice freshly squeezed from a pineapple, it certainly didn’t feel like it was already bottled for 9 years. I enjoyed it with a meal of Mala fish (a spicy dish from Sichuan) although it could not overwhelm the spicy dish.


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