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Louis Roederer Cristal 2007
29 Aug 2019

In a week’s time, I had the pleasure to taste two different bottles of Cristal 2007, one was a normal 750ml bottle while the other was a magnum. I previously noted a lot of bottle variations for Cristal, and it wasn’t surprising I encountered this again. A lot of difference between the 750ml and the 1500ml bottle. Both started off as floral and very fruity bouquet, with the 750ml carrying a bit of an elegant smoke. The palette was where it differed; the magnum was obviously more precise, with laser sharp quality, very sharp and very acidic, but not as fruity and not as forward as the 750ml bottle. The magnum also carried quite a lot of toast and yeasty taste, which is lacking in the 750ml bottle. All in all, I tasted a lot more elements in the magnum bottle. The larger format definitely has it’s advantage!


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