In 2019, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:


Sometimes I really doubt how Alsace producers classify Grand Crus, after drinking so many of their Grand Crus, I guess it does not mean anything. This Gewurztraminer was completely dominated by tropical fruits, specifically, dry pineapple both on the nose and the palette. It’s really a one trick pony, as I am very reluctant to use other descriptions to beautify this wine. The only saving grace perhaps was the smooth and pleasant body. Paired it with Sichuan hot pot, not really covering any spicy and numbness of the Sichuan food, so it’s yet another experience that the slightly sweet Gewurztraminer cannot work with spicy food despite many sommeliers think so, I have tried it many times. I whisper to you a secret – a Montrachet will work well with Sichuan food!


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