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Why Pay More Elsewhere?

When Fine Wines SG Offers The Lowest and Most Reasonable Price in Town!

Today I am proud to show you some evidence why Fine Wines SG offers the lowest, most reasonable price in town!
Talk is Cheap.
A photo tells a thousand words!

Wine photo taken at DFS* in July 2017
DFS is Duty Free Shop, where you are exempted from paying local duties on the requirement that the goods sold will be sold to travelers who will take them out of the country.

Zoom in

Ok here is a cute story. A customer, also a friend whatapps me in the middle of the night just last week, saying “Bok! I want a bottle of Mouton Rothschild 1989, secure this bottle for me! I will pick up when I returned from Europe. Talk soon”. Later, I found out he was texting me right in front of the wine section of DFS, Changi Airport with a Live Photo, exclaiming how expensive the wines are as compared to ours.

Initially he wanted to buy the wine in DFS thinking it is cheaper…much to his horror, it cost him $1375 that is $655 more expensive than our selling price of $720!

Not by a few hundreds
But TWICE as expensive!
I told him:
“You would have easily bring home 2 bottles of Mouton Rothschild from me with a small top up!”

A lucky sales for us?
Nope, look again!

Other first growth bottles in DFS also come with exorbitant price tag!
Don’t you feel the price difference is so ridiculous?

Shocking Discovery!

A bottle of Lafite Rothschild 1999 in DFS equates of 2 bottles of Lafite Rothschild 1999 from Fine Wines SG and you still have a change of $170!

Many of our first growth are sold out!

News has it we offer the most competitive price in town, customers have been grabbing our first growth in dozens knowing these first growth value will grow exponentially.
Buy while they are still cheap and in stocks!
Fine Wines SG is a Bargain compared to DFS!

A lot of people think DFS wines are cheaper but that is not necessarily true for wine, as evidenced! If you wait for the chance to purchase expensive wines in DFS, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment!

Lafite Rothschild 2005
Look, you immediately lost $1000+ the minute you swiped your card for a bottle of Lafite Rothschild 2005 off DFS thinking it’s a greal deal! But wait till you check our winelist, you need to pay only $1580 vs $2600 in Airport!

The $1000+ savings can easily get you another bottle of First Growth in Fine Wines SG!

Don’t forget, when you purchase in airport, you also subject to other added charges even you need not pay duty like store rental, physical sales staffs commission, salaries, 24/7 service and more. Don’t expect candy cane low price in DFS especially on wines, I personally don’t think DFS offer sweet deal, it’s not guaranteed! It is in fact much more expensive because logically you don’t pay duty on the wine but don’t forget they can charge a base price of what they like! In additions, I doubt you can find rare exciting finds, fun bargains, wide selections as you do in Fine Wines SG!
Simply make a smart choice by buying from Fine Wines for all your future purchase NOW!

You Can Easily Save Over Thousands $$$$
Simply By Looking at My Wine List!

Call or Email us now for your order!
Let us know what wines you like to purchase and we have the best price for you!

What makes us special?
Buy with Confidence! Tested and Proven!
We have just updated our wine list. Don’t miss out! Take your pick on your favorite wines now. Call us now at 6385 2438 or email us at to order.Buy with Confidence 24/7!

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We have just updated our wine list. Don’t miss out! Take your pick on your favorite wines now. Call us now at 6385 2438 or email us at to order.Buy with Confidence 24/7!


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