In 2019, Tasting Notes
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I attended a Malbec tasting organized by The Embassy of the Argentine Republic, to celebrate Malbec World Day. It was held in a very nice location of Ce La Ve at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Huge turn out crowd for the event, unfortunately I have found no serious professional tasters around. Most attendees were non-trade personnel, rather the turnout rate are mainly party goers. I went around tasting half the booths, and almost every booth I attended, I asked for their best wines, as I do not have so much volume to consume so much wines (I don’t like to spit wines out). On the whites, nothing impressive. The chardonnays are powerful, but only meant for daily drinking. The Pinot Grigio was a better version than the Italian counterparts. The Malbec red wine quality was really not up to my expectation; either they’re overpriced for daily drinking, or they’re made simply for daily drinking only. Overall a disappointing event for professional tasters like me, although it was great fun for people who enjoyed the commanderie of friendship, good food and ample alcohol!


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