In 2019, Tasting Notes
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Don’t just write off wines from Bordeaux 1984 yet, as I’ll give you a short tutorial for 1984 vintage here. The wines you want to avoid were all the high Merlot content, as Merlot could not survive the vintage, as there wasn’t enough matured Merlot grapes to produce quality wines. Whereas the left bank Cabernet Sauvignon strived and doing well. So, when it comes to 1984 Bordeaux wines, buy left bank and avoid Pomerol and some St Emilion produced wines. I could find some fault with this Malescot St Exupery as I suspect it should have substantial Merlot content in it. The body was a bit weak and diluted, however it was still drinking pleasantly well. Nothing spectacular, but it provided a peaceful night’s company.

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