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Meursault Perrieres Tasting Summary Report
9.25 stars
17 August 2019

I hosted a blind tasting of Meursault Perrieres tasting at my place, as there isn’t too many chance to taste many producers of Meursault Perrieres. Obviously the style varies according to winemaker different interpretation of how to produce a good Meursault Perrieres, and there’s no generalization of the style, some producers shine, some shy. I also wanted to find out why they’re only rated as premiere cru, as you know, Meursault highest rating is only a premiere cru, and there isn’t a grand cru rating at all, not even arguably the best Meursault Perrieres producer Coche Dury.

Attendees quickly submitted their bottles, and I quickly rounded up 15 bottles of these gems. There were quite a few bottles that’s totally blind to me, although I knew the majority of the labels. Save for writing a long essay on these bottles, I’d list them down now for your reference:

Flight 1
Yves Martenot 2014
Henri Boillot 2013*


Flight 2

Bouchard 2004
Joseph Drouhin 2011*
Francois Mikulski 2009
Bouchard 2006


Flight 3

Robert Ampeau 1993*
Nicholas Potel Selection 1992 (late release)


Flightt 4

Comtes Lafon 2006
Comtes Lafon 1999*
Comtes Lafon 1988


Flight 5

Pierre Morey 2003
Joseph Drouhin 2007
Michel Bouzereau 2008
Comtes Lafon 2009*

Those marked with asterisk * are wine of the flight. Wine of the day is arguably between Comtes Lafon 2009, followed closely by Comtes Lafon 1999, and a distance apart being Joseph Drouhin 2011.

While it was fun to fish out the top 3 producers in this tasting, with regrettably an absence of Coche Dury, I wouldn’t think a superstar producer should be representative of the whole appellation, so I would say Comtes Lafon is really a consistent producer for Meursault Perrieres.

I also would not argue this appellation should be a Grand Cru, they’re definitely above average wines and certainly addictive to drink them, with great floral and richness, and a tinge of orange rind from most wines, plus a touch of minerality, but they can’t really compete with the Grand Crus of the Puligny Montrachet stars, it somehow lacked the finesse, elegance and balance of Montrachets, Batard Montrachets or Chevalier Montrachets.

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