In 2020, Tasting Notes
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Montelvini Prosecco, Spunmante Brut, NV
8.5 stars
3 Feb 2020

There isn’t many great bubbles from Italy, and the whole market is flooded with Prosecco, mostly cheap and drink for fun kind of bubbles, not many serious winemakers in this crowded field, so don’t place any hope for great prosecco, it doesn’t exist. This Montelvini Spumante is considered decent to me, at least it had decent flavor! The bouquet was split with the content, as bouquet was hinting to me sweet jackfruits, but on the body it was slightly bitter crystal pear, with loads of mousse to cover up the weakness. At least the fruity body was very decent, and without any great bubbles next to it for comparison, on a standalone basis, it’s very drinkable and friendly.


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