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Moulin De La Grangere 2016!

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Top of St Emilion Wines

If you are experienced drinker, you would have at least drank a bottle of St Emilion wines, the region where it produce some of the most prestigious, long lived and expensive wines in the world such as Cheval Blanc, Angelus, Figeac and Pavie!These wines sell easily for hundreds of dollars per bottle.

Is there a cheaper alternative to drinking the best of St Emilion wine
without the splurge?

YES! We have found the budgeted St Emilion Wine
Affordable with expensive taste!

Moulin De La Grangere Grand Cru 2016

Ex Chateau Provenance
100% Merlot Based Wine

Bok’s Review:

Soft, Gentle and Comforting
What’s More, Grand Cru Level!

After decanting, in a glass the rosey-hue color is so attractive, much like rose petals.On the nose, sweet cherry aromas and juicy ripe plums. Once in the mouth, the wine gently melts into an array of flavours, masked  with soft layers of tannins.I really enjoyed how the wine integrated well between the fruit and the tannins. Delicious, this is a easy wine for food match too.  

A perfect wine to consume at home or when you are wondering what to drink next during this extended circuit breaker period! Or send this treat to someone you care 🙂


You might have come across some “St Emilion Grand Cru” wines in NTUC and think “Wait, maybe NTUC is cheaper than Fine Wines SG”

Wait till you read what we discovered in NTUC pricing!

Read This Before You Head Out to Supermarket Wine Sections Again

We found the following St Emilion Grand Cru from NTUC
and the prices are easily $90 upwards!

Rol Valentin St Emilion Grand Cru 2015 –$99
Monbousquet St Emilion Grand Cru 2011 – $107
Monbousquet St Emilion Grand Cru 2013 – $99
Petit Figeac St Emilion Grand Cru 2012 – $90

Compared to our Moulin de la GrangereSt Emilion Grand Cru 2016,
our wine cost…

Only $69!
A hidden gem in Fine Wines SG!

What’s more, our Moulin de la Grangere label is award winning!

Moulin De La Grangere 2010 Grand Cru

Won BEST Bordeaux Award
as one of the Singapore Top 100 Wines 2016 by The Peak Singapore!
Moulin De La Grangere 2016 Grand Cru
Won Gold Award By Tower Club

Tasted Blind for Both Awards
Our Moulin stood out as impressive wine and was voted by Singaporean wine professionals as the Top Bordeaux of Singapore among over 200 wines! 


What’s more 2016 is a Spectacular Vintage!
2016 is a Great Bordeaux Vintage and Moulin Shines!

In fact, 2016 Bordeaux vintage is one of the most unique and exciting vintages in recent years!After big blockbuster vintages such as 2005, 2009 and 2010, this is a return to what the Bordeaux do best: producing wine with power, concentration and freshness!


FAST SELLING Top Wine in Singapore

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