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  Bok's Rating:

Pauillac · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES – Cabernet SauvignonCabernet FrancMerlotPinot Noir

DESCRIPTION – The supremely elegant nose displays red fruit aromas with touches of spice. On the palate, a smooth, creamy attack yields powerful, velvet tannins. The roundness is remarkable, giving the wine very attractive length. The finish reveals vanilla and chocolate aromas, with pleasant floral notes.

“The nose was very Pauillac (wine was served blind alongside a Lafite 71), I know it was a Pauillac from the nose, but which was a Mouton and which was the Lafite? Won’t be able to tell it from the nose. Palette will tell u the answer; a typical Mouton normally has abundance of fruits on the palette, whereas Lafite is more subdued & refined, so I was spot on with my guess. It was a good Mouton given the not-so-good vintage, the fruits are worth the drinking evening already.”


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