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Lynch Bages 1989
5/5 rating! 

As Impressive as 1st Growth Wine! 
I will award it 6 stars if I can!

“I also once did a blind tasting of Pauillac wines regardless of the vintage among 6 friends. The event is served double blind, no labels, no vintage ideas. We had a pour each and started guessing which are the top 3 consensus wines, and we had an answer within an hour. Guess what? Lynch Bages 89 votes are 5/6 ! The winner is Latour 83 , 6/6.  Shocked with the results that Lynch Bages was so close to snatching the 1st position in this blind tasting! In fact, very impressive for a fifth growth wine. Lynch Bages 89 is clearly one of my top rated wines and I will award it 6 stars if I can!”

Lynch Bages in its 50s to 80s vintage is exceptionally outstanding! Only $570!

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