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 Grassl Glass
Fine Wines Singapore is the Sole Distributor of Grassl Glass in Singapore

Vigneron Series


….with more than 170 years of glass production experience

Grassl is hand crafted from lead-free crystal.
It takes 5 artisans to create one mouth blown glass! 

We decided to put Grassl to a test beside Riedel and Sophienwald. 

We poured the same amount of wine in each glass.
Champagne, white and red, from light to full body.  

Guess what? 
Grassl glasses changed my perspective towards stemware completely!
Suddenly there’s “more” of everything in the wine, both the bouquet and palate.
Suddenly all the wines that I’m drinking give me a huge leap forward in terms of my senses, which translates into extreme pleasure.” – Bok

If you don’t believe, come and take the challenge,
and you’ll be amazed with the results!
“Bring your best glasses along, be it Zalto, Sophienweld or Riedel Sommelier series….or use ours and we gurantee you will want to smash your glasses in front of Grassl after trying them out! And we will provide the bin to do so….”

 At the end glass experiment, Bok reveals; 
The Grassl showed more bouquet, sophistication and focus

“The Sophienweld was less on the nose, with some focus”
 “The Riedel was negligible on the nose, no focus. It was terrible.”

The same wine changed on nose and palate, we have never seen this happen before.
The exercise was so worth while, as the results were amazing!

Grassl glass makes a huge difference; an impact you have never experienced before,
we can promise you that!

We had a 2nd session last Friday, with Ramonet, Master of Montrachet,
wines at vertical tasting.

The results again was astonishing!
Each wine was more pronounced, the bouquet on the nose was much more, and easy to detect.
On the palate the wine was lively and fresh.
An absolute joy to experiment how the wine changed from glass to glass!

If you compare in pricing, you will see as below, Grassl glass is of great value!

Wine TypeGrassl Models
Riedel Sommelier
White/Red wineLiberte$59 $100$159$88
White wineMineralite$59$100$115$88
Bordeaux wine1855$69 $110$159$88
Burgundy wineCru$69$110$159$88

Fine Wines Singapore is the sole distributor for Grassl in Singapore.
We share this good news with our customers,
because we believe you deserve the best!
(offer valid until 30th June, 2019!)

Buy 2 any glasses, Get a 5% off!
Buy 4 any glasses, Get a 10% off!

Buy any 6 glasses
10% Discount + Get a FREE Bottle
2016 La Grangere Grand Cru (worth $89)!

Buy any 12 glasses
10% Discount + Get a FREE Bottle
Andre Clouet 1911 Grand Cru Blanc De Noir Champagne
(worth $159) + FREE Delivery

Each Grassl Glass gifts with Grassl Container 
“I simply love the glass containers, says Tabitha, a wine educator,
keeps my glasses protected and easy to carry to my classes”
Michael says, “I love that each glass comes with a container, I can easily transport them to my parties!”

$59/per glass

Fabulous for White & Rose wines. Plus Champagne.
The wine complexity shows well.
The wine becomes more pronounced on nose & palate, as if coming alive! 


$59/per glass

Terrior is important to recognize in wines. 
It adds structure to a wine defining its backbone between fruits, acidity, tannins and body.
A great way to enjoy your wine!  

$69/per glass

Highly recommend for Bordeaux reds.
The bowl heightens the tasting to differentiate each vintage, as complete descriptors appear in the wine, as it should rightly be!

$69/per glass

The Cru gives any wine ‘the real picture’.
Bringing out delicate aromas on nose and fruit flavours.
A great glass especially for Premier and Grand Cru wines.

Offer Valid Till 30th June, 2019!
Grassl Glassware Sole Distributor
Fine Wines Singapore


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