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Palazzo Maffei Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Superiore 2015
9.25 stars
2 Oct 2019

Valpolicella Ripasso coming from North Eastern Italy region of Veneto, was one of the best wine producing region. I find this Ripasso style really mimicked a baby Amarone, and I was aptly fooled, thinking it was an Amarone! A primary reason was because 2015 was a superb vintage for Italian wines, and I believe this was one of the best Ripasso you can find in the market for this price. Very smoky and refined fruits bouquet encapsulated my Grassl tasting glass to boot. Palatte was undoubtedly Amarone style, with loads of slight raisins (not surprisingly, as they used dried passito grapes), very smooth, extremely easy and friendly style, with a dash of thick fruits in the body. I didn’t have the time to decant it in a decanter, I did observe that the wine went downhill after 1+ hours in the glass, but for such price and style, this was definitely not a concern. Highly recommended if you want to explore a very different style from the normal Bordeaux or Italian wines without breaking the bank.


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