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Paola Sordo Barolo Ravera 2015
6 Nov 2020
9.0 stars

Ravera is a single vineyard in Novello of Piedmont which produces the famed Barolo using Nebbiolo grapes, vines have an average age of 20 years and they age the wines in large Slavonian oak barrels for 24 months. Traditional Barolo winemakers make wines extremely tannic, most traditional Barolos are not drinkable for at least 30 years till the tannins are better resolved. Paola Sordo’s Barolo is a crossover of modern and traditional method. Upon uncorking, I took a sip, determined that it was quite tannic, thus I decanted the whole bottle. Content was light and cheerful. I thought 1 hour was sufficient in the decanter, I was completely wrong. There were still searing tannins lurking around after 2 hours in the decanter. Thus I put this producer as a hybrid of traditional and modern winemaker. Feel free to age it for another decade or so to mellow down the wine.


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