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Paul Pillot, St Aubin 1er Cru Pitangerets 2016 & 2017
9.5 stars
5 March 2020

Don’t look down on the plot if it’s not a mainstream white burgundy plot. Buying white burgundy is about knowledge, and knowledge is king, another criteria is about the winemaker. I was told Pierre Morey made the best St Aubin Les Combes as many called it a Chevalier Montrachet in a blind tasting. Pitangerets is a lieux dit within Les Combes, south of En Remilly (another plot that I really enjoyed). This premier cru is simply stunning! Almost a sea breeze blended with minerality bouquet hits me on a whiff. Content was again really stunning, the cleanliness and transparency of the content, along with the addictive acidity was a killer combination. As for vintage, I was surprised that I loved the 2017 more than the 2016, although I must admit 2016 is overall better than 2017. However, considering Paul Pillot’s winemaking skill consistently improve over time, he’s truly making magic on the wines he’s producing. Absolutely value for money for this label!

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