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Prior to opening the bottle, I was afraid to decant the bottle, as wine of 44 years of age probably needed just very little air to wake up. I was awfully wrong! On a first sip, I felt so much grips and tannins, but I was still hesitant to decant it, as the process may not be reversible once you decant and then the wine faded, it’ll spoil my evening. There were lots of evolution in the glass, from high acidity initially to have the fruits waking up and overwhelm the acidity about an hour in the glass. We still have 1/3 bottle left and decided to pour the remaining into a decanter. Surely, half an hour later, it woke up and reached the pinnacle of balanced fruits and acidity, extremely pleasant and chunky fruits, while the acidity receded to the background. I can assure you Pavie fully deserved a first growth status even 50 years ago and not just in 2012 to be promoted to Grand Cru Classe A. The pedigree was totally undisputable!

Item DescriptionSizeStockPriceTasting Note
Vintage 1975
1975 Pavie750ml


$ 450

Bok Rating: 9.75/10
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