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Philippe Colin Chassagne Montrachet En Remilly 1er Cru 2017 versus Jean Claude Ramonet Saint Aubin En Remilly 1er Cru 2018
9.5 stars
9 Oct 2021

Both bottles came from En Remilly, one is from Chassagne-Montrachet, the other is from Saint Aubin, loosely speaking, they’re of the same plot, they’re basically a stone throw away from each other. En Remilly has similar soils to Montrachet and Chevalier Montrachet (they’re a stone throw away), this plot is highly regarded by wine connoisseurs. I have previously wrote the tasting note for Philippe Colin En Remilly 2017, so I won’t repeat here. Ramonet needs no introduction, it’s arguably one of the best white burgundy producers in the region. For sure it was a pleasure drinking an En Remilly from a great producer. I can sense the harmony from this wine, nothing is out of balance, great acidity backed by never overpowering fruits, although strangely it does have a very mild sugarcane alike taste that may imply premox character. Drinking right next to Philippe Colin, Philippe Colin’s En Remilly definitely has more acidity and fruits have more bite, and it went well with the hot and spicy mala fish that I was having tonight. I served the same pair to two other drinkers and the three of us all came to similar consensus that Philippe Colin’s En Remilly was the winner amongst the pair. Don’t fall for the big name trap, trust your own palate!


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