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Philippe Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Chaumees 1er Cru 2019 versus Chassagne Montrachet Les Chenevottes 1er Cru 2019
9.25 stars
3 Jun 2021

These two plots were on the northern side of Chassagne Montrachet, and they are being separated by a plot called Les Vergers. Chenevottes has some slight advantage as it lies right next to the top plot of Chassagne Montrachet Dent de Chien. I must confess, this time round the heads on clash may have resulted in a tie. Such outcome hardly happens, as normally I would be able to tell the difference and chose a winner, but for this pair, I just could not. Initially, the Chenevottes had an edge with its pure and transparent character along with very floral notes that won my heart, whereas Chaumees was slightly overwhelmed by the oak and butter taste that I hardly can detect the fruits. Over time, when the wine warmed up, that’s where they both converged to taste almost similar, and the similarity was the oak play; as the wines warmed up, the buttery taste become more prominent, and they tend to mask the wine fruits. This time round I was unable to tell the winner due to the prominent oak play. However, they both provided very good drinking pleasure despite the use of slightly too much oak in my humble opinion. It tasted more like a Puligny Montrachet rather than a Chassagne Montrachet.


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