In 2019, Tasting Notes
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This was one of the more disappointing Pichon Baron. I believe any Pichon Baron prior to 1990 (with the exception of 1978) were mainly disappointing, I really don’t know how many wine critics claimed 1988 was a great vintage, to me, it was quite mediocre, with the exception of Lafite and Margaux, I have never come across any impressive 1988 Bordeaux. I made my conclusion after consuming the whole bottle of this Pichon Baron 1988. Bouquet was medium strength of vanilla and oak, but no signature over-oaked and heavy vanilla and pencil lead shaving of the modern Pichon Baron. Content was not making any impression on my palette, as there’s no penetrating wine effect, and no lasting memory nor any typical Pauillac character. I’d pass on such a mediocre wine.

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