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I have had a dozen of this Lalande 61, all from the same case, and I have drank 3 bottles of it, all failed miserably, just couldn’t perform, dull and boring. But this bottle rocks! That’s what I expected from Lalande! Despite a bit of greenness on the nose and body, the content was so rounded and charming, it’s easily one of the best for 61!

我喝过三瓶这个女爵61年的酒, 而且还是同一箱的来源,但是每次都失望,大多数是沉闷乏味。但是老天有眼,终于让我尝到了最棒的女爵!这瓶酒接近完美!虽然香味和口感都带有一丝的青椒味,但是内容实在是圆滑和柔顺,而且有种非常吸引人的魅力,非常棒,而且不可多得的61年的好酒!

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Vintage 1961
1961 Pichon Lalande750ml


$ 1,200

Bok Rating: 10/10
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