In 2014, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Médoc · France

TYPE – Red

GRAPES – Cabernet SauvignonCabernet FrancMalbecMerlotPetit Verdot

DESCRIPTION – A silky, dense and deep colored wine with aromatics hints of fruit.

“This vintage is arguably Lalande’s proudest moment to score 100 points awarded by Parker. I hardly concur with Parker but this one, I will rate it above and beyond 100 points. In 3 blind tastings, I consistently picked this wine as my favorite. Even amongst all the big guns like Lafite 82, Petrus 82, Latour 82, this Lalande 82 stood tall enough, easily on par with these big guys. It is worth every cent of the btl, like I said, my all time favorite label!”


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