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Rare Ex-Chateau Up For Grabs!

Don’t miss out these highly sought after ex-chateau vintages I have right now!

Utmost Provenance!

Like a shooting star, it’s very difficult to get hold of ex-chateau wine and when you have a chance, there is absolutely no reason why you should pass it up. Ex-chateau is really hard to come by and it means everything to Bordeaux drinkers simply because ex-chateau signify utmost provenance!

Rejoice now!

Our special ex-chateau wines are absolute rare gem, imagine you just discover a $50K diamond in a beach!

While there are undoubtedly many great Bordeaux bottles, any bottle labelled as Ex-chateau immediately stand out as “Dean” in the world of Bordeaux since you are drinking from a bottle that comes directly from the Chateau…since its birth!

I can tell you off my mind a classic example

Clerc Milon 1990 ex-chateau!

The wine, a concentrated, dark red of considerable intensity, has a highly refined nose that opens on slightly toasted aromas mingled with floral notes. On the palate it reveals a tight structure of stylish tannins, dense but not harsh, enhanced by forward fruit with crisp cherry notes. The long and flavor some finish shows beautiful balance, expressing the freshness of the fruit and the power of a skillfully controlled texture. This ex-chateau is bottled in the heaven! Taste so divine!

Once sold, good bye forever!

There is every reason you must act fast; Clerc Milon1986 ex-chateau has great provenance too….beating all top wines like Cheval Blanc and Ausone and many others with 100% consensus vote. During one wine tasting event, everyone fell off their chair when the result was revealed! The freshness of ex-chateau is impeccably unbeatable! This is the power of ex-chateau wine conditions. If you keep some Clerc Milon 1986 and drink with ex-chateau side by side, you will immediately taste its ultimate freshness at its best no matter how good the provenance of other stock is!

Sadly, I remember right after I sold out the last batch of Clerc Milon 1986 ex-chateau, I am not able to gain access to anymore stock!

Ex-chateau wines are very limited in supply though I am on priority list.

Once ex-chateau are gone, we have such extreme difficulty to get hold again – maybe it’s gone forever! Bear in mind chateaus don’t keep wines, they won’t have enough storage space to keep so many vintages, they rather sell it upon release to keep up with cash flow.

I am also proud to say I’m one of the few merchants in Singapore who have access to these rare gem of Bordeaux wines. Call Bok the vintage wine guru! Besides Clerc Milon, I like to recommend a few ex-chateau wines that please your ultimate palate and safe for your wallet – Ducru Beaucaillou, Calon Segur, Le Petit Havt Lafitte!

Ducru Beaucaillou Ex-Chateau!

27 – 31 years old ex-chateau bottles are close to impossible to get from chateau directly anymore!

First up, Ducru Beaucaillou 1989 ex-chateau! When I opened this bottle during a dinner, it immediately smells of liquorice, tobacco, chocolate and nose of earthy tone. After I have decanted for 1 hour, it even had an added scent of oak, this bottle embody its classic Bordeaux style and charm. Medium bodied, smooth tannins, this is fully mature and no reason to wait to pop a cork!

Or if you prefer 85s vintage, Ducru Beaucaillou 1985 ex-chateau is undisputedly a charming wine you must drink. This wine is deeply love with a fresh cherry pipe personality! It has fully developed; it tastes of tobacco, cedar and has a subtle caramel nose that is tasty yet subtle! Fresh and crisp to drink!

Calon Segur Ex-Chateau!

Deep purity and power yet it’s reserved and beautiful.

Some months back, I featured Calon Segur 1995 ex-chateau and shared how James Suckling immediately upgraded it from 95 to 97 point after he tasted the ex-chateau bottle. I just agree! Prior to his review I chanced upon reading, I drank Calon Segur ex-chateau bottle and soin love, it exudes so much fresh charm. I sent the news out, I told my friends and customers..after which all my stocks are whipped out like a blazing tornado sweep! As usual, it’s very hard to get any Calon Segur 1995 ex-chateau once all is gone but good thing is I have some 2000, 2003, 2005 ex-chateau left – all in limited stocks! So experience them without further regrets!

Le Petit Haut LafitteEx-Chateau!

Ex chateau for only $75 a bottle! My friend asked if I priced it wrongly!

Le Petit Haut Lafitte is a second wine from Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte both come from Pessac Leognan. It’s easy to see why it’s equally excellent like its first wine Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte 2010. And if you drink Le Petit Haut Lafitte 2010, it gives you the Same Gratification as you would with Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte 2010…YET at a fraction of the price! Superb Value for Money! Ex-chateau double the happiness! Le Petit Haut Lafitte 2012 is also a simply irresistible drink once you started drinking it! The wine is very engaging, very lively and extremely bright! The owner, Cathiard family is my friend and trust their skill in wine making is superb!! (Their Smith Haut Lafitte 2009 is a top 100 point!)


Experience the beauty of ex-chateau now!
If you hear “Ex-chateau”, do not even hesitate! A passport to provenance!

Instantly Response and Order now!
Provenance guaranteed!

VintageEx-Chateau Wines!FormatQuantityBEST Price!
Ducru Beaucaillou (ex-chateau)750ml
$ 350
Ducru Beaucaillou (ex-chateau)750ml
$ 320
Clerc Milon(ex-chateau)750ml
$ 275
Calon Segur(ex-chateau)750ml
$ 235
Calon Segur(ex-chateau)750ml
$ 215
Calon Segur(ex-chateau)750ml
$ 220
Le Petit Havt Lafitte(ex-chateau)750ml
$ 79
Le Petit Havt Lafitte(ex-chateau)750ml
$ 75

Savior the best of what Bordeaux can produce – all in Ex-chateau wines. If you like to experience the wonder of ex-chateau but do not have a chance or has no access to, now is the perfect time!

To find another batch of these great wines, it will be close to impossible even with my connection, as I said…These gems are really once gone, forever gone!


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