In 2022, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Rockford Shiraz Barossa Valley

9.25 stars
3 Feb 2022

By whatever standard, this is a jumbo wine to me! I’m used to French wines elegance and finesse, so this is catching me off guard as I’m not too exposed to New World Wine. A whiff and the bouquet is revealing an overwhelming amount of American oak, but it does balance off with very ripe and fat dark berries. A sip, I took a deep breathe to decipher the huge content; the hugely concentrated fruits, very dark fruits, almost chewy. The Shiraz style is very different from the Northern Rhone’s sibling of Syrah that I was very much used to. I don’t find any fault with this wine, it’s pleasantly big but drinking very well. I wish I can age it a couple of years more, as I feel the underlying tannins still lurking around very much. However, I also understand Australian wines don’t evolve with age, thus don’t expect this wine to turn into tertiary taste with age.

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