In 2020, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Sassicaia 1995
9.25 stars
24 Jan 2020

I opened this bottle for the significance of sending the pig year away (Chinese zodiac sign for every 12 year cycle, thus this was to bid farewell to 2019.) I drank this bottle roughly 10 years ago, with a faint memory that it was a jumbo and inky wine undrinkable 10 years ago. After a decade, this has obviously tamed down a lot more, however, it was still not quite ready and still requires another decade or more of aging, as the tannins were still huge, grippy and tight. However, it was really easy to drink with smoothness and effortless body, very pleasant, with red fruits more dominating than the Bordeaux blend. I have no doubt this wine will keep on improving (and so will the score), as for now, it’s very entry drinking window for such a well known super tuscans.


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