In 2019, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Terre del Grico, Copertino 2003
8.75 stars
27 Oct 2019

Food Wine

Copertino is located in South-Eastern Italy, and this wine possessed very unique grape varietal of Negroamaro, which has to be 70% or more in order for them to have the right to slap the Copertino label. When I have Italian food (common & simple food, not talking about high end fine dining food), I find that I always need an Italian wine as Italian wine are usually more jammy and concentrated, and somehow it really suited the taste of the Italian food. Tonight’s home made pizza went well with this food wine, it may not have the finesse nor elegance of a high end Italian wine, but it definitely went well with the Italian cheesy styled food.


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