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Spruce Up Your Next Seafood Feast
with Louis Carillon White Burgundies!
I called this a ‘cheat wine’ as you need not scour through the earth to find what really pair great with seafood. Get the answer simply by buying my pick! I test, I review and you buy! In fact, Louis Carillon pairs great with any meals, even a simple fish dish!
New to Louis Carillon? Try this!
Louis Carillon Puligny Montrachet 2009! 4/5!
Best Value Buy!
Amazing Village White
“I drank the whole bottle of 2009 by myself, it’s really enjoyable! It may not have the complexity of the bigger brothers, in fact a tad simple on the nose; slight lemon, lemon infused oak, summer flowers. Palate wasn’t complex to speak, but it had this simplicity charm that keeps my mouth really occupied, extremely soft, extremely addictive to keep having a sip. Great for seafood at anytime too!”
Magic happens when you pair Louis Carillon with seafood!
When you pair Louis Carillon with seafood, this wine can really highlight those flavors of the sea! Simply, seafood dishes are food without super strong flavours, or else they overwhelm the flavor of Chardonnay that are crisp and lively. As seafood has simple cream and citrus tang, the whites immediately tantalize your palates the moment when you pair them up!


Made Your Seafood Taste Heavenly with Louis Carillon!
We have the finest selection from Louis Carillon, must try!
Domain Louis Carillon is a white burgundy I converted many customers into die hard fans and since then, there is no turning back!
Marvelous Wine as Low as $150!
Which seafood restaurant to hit this weekend?
I recommended Jade Palace, it is fantastic, I am picky on food and when I said ‘good’ just believe! Most joyfully, my recommended Louis Carillon goes well with their dishes. Best of all , Jade Palace is a corkage free place. Grab a bottle of fine wines and dine your heart away! *not sponsored, good thing must share!*
Jade Palace: 
583 Orchard Road #B1-13 Forum The Shopping Mall
tel: 6732 6628

Share with us if you are heading to Jade Palace ok!

Bok Wishing You a ‘Gastronomical Seafood Holiday!’
Sea you soon!


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