In 2020, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:

Trio of Dominus Napa Valley 2001 2003 and 2004
9.5 stars
9 May 2020

Served blind, I have no knowledge of the content, but I highly suspected it as a Bordeaux after a whiff, so I served it with Grassl 1855 glasses. I was not able to find the linear similar style, as the 2004 threw me off completely. However, I still gave it a shot to guess. I mistakened the 2001 with a load of earthy notes as a Graves wine, with very ripe and forward fruits, but with some greenness in it too, guessing it as a Smith Haut Lafitte. The 2003 was with great balance, extremely rounded and with a lot of juice in it, and the style was signature JP Moueix style, so I blurted out either a Trotanoy or even a Petrus, obviously my wine of the flight. The 2004 was odd on the bouquet, I smelled some Shiraz or new world Australian style, although body was on an excellent fruity and rounded notes, however, very dry. Lesson learned from 2004 nose that threw me off, and one has to think new world when some notes did not connect. Blind tasting was not just a check on the palette, it also examined one’s sharpness on the whole flight, of which I have to admit I need more polishing on my analysis.


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