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Trotanoy, Pomerol, 1998
9.5 stars (will upgrade to 9.75 stars over time)
25 Dec 2019

This was a very highly sort after vintage and extremely sort after label for 1998, I believed the influence of the owner made the difference, as Edouard Moueix once commented that “this is probably the only vintage I cannot identify whether it’s Trotanoy or Petrus in a blind tasting”, so you can safely assume this quality to be close to Petrus. I tasted a lot of potential in this wine, sadly I didn’t have 4 hours to decant the wine, it was only decanted in the glass for a mere 20 mins, obviously totally didn’t reveal Trotanoy’s 1998 full color. The content was just full of dried fruits and raisins with very soft tannins lurking at the background. I can imagine given another 2 or 3 decades, this is going to be a full blown sophisticated wine.


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