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Vachet Rousseau Mazis Chambertin Grand Cru 1990
9.5 stars
21 Nov 2019

Legend Continues

Vachet Rousseau only owns 14 acre of land in Gevrey Chambertin, I’m not sure if it’s related to Armand Rousseau, at least they shared the last name and the quality being produced were on par with each other (at least back in the 70s and 80s). I swear by this producer, as my friend Johan P. has been bringing 3 different bottles of this label produced in the 1978, and thrice it has won Wine of the Night, sweeping away all other red burgundies under the table without a doubt. Thus I did not hesitate to acquire this 1990 knowing the pedigree. It didn’t disappoint, while it was still in it’s youthful stage, I can feel that there’s a lot of potential going on with this burg. It wasn’t decanted by the sommelier, so it has to open up in the glass. Initially very muted, slowly morphed into ripe cherries and later stage smoky. The body was stunning too, drinking next to Lafite 1978 (which was not as stunning as the previous bottle I had), I keep going back to this red burg as it seemed to have attracted me a bit more; very matured, very rounded and a lot of ripe and great quality fruits attracted my palette.


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