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Chablis · France

Grapes – Chardonnay


Sometimes we just don’t understand why this wine was classified as Grand Cru level, like this Verget Vaudesir from Chablis.

Normally the body of a Grand Cru has more weight, bolder in style, richer on the palate, and the choice of oak quality being used. Grand Cru used more refined oaks to age their wines. Not persuaded? Next time drink a 1er Cru next to Grand Cru to feel the difference.

This wine was lemony both on the nose and body. Rich and bold with substantial weight.”

White Burgundy
Item DescriptionSizeStockPriceTasting Note
2009 Verget Chablis Grand Cru “Vaudesir”750ml


$ 139

Bok Rating: 9.5/10
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