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  Bok's Rating:

Vina Ardanza, Rioja 1994
8.5 stars
27 Nov 2019

From a great Rioja vintage which was pretty much a Tempranillo vintage, the outcome of this Vina Ardanza was mildly disappointing to me. I suspect this was not a label that can age well (pardon me, but Tempranillo was the most age-worthy grapes on earth), and preferred to drink it young. I vividly remembered the 2004 I drank a few years ago in HK, the content was stunning. However, this one right from the uncorking that gave me a bus load of dried raisins, to the content that’s also another huge taste of dried raisins, was too one dimensional to my liking. As such, previous experience of a younger vintage was never a guidance of backward vintages as wine making skill improved.


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