In 2018, Tasting Notes
  Bok's Rating:


These blind tastings were fair, as it gave me an unbiased judgment of the wine. I really didn’t expect it to be the bottom crowd, but now I can confirm Gisselbrecht’s strength was actually Riesling. Extremely ripe and fruity nose, with strong character and possessed some heat. Palate didn’t reflect the magic of the nose, tame and dried fruits, backward.

盲品永远是公平的, 给我一个中肯的判断。我没有预料到这是他们家最便宜的酒,因为风格完全征服了我的口感!成熟和浓厚的果味充斥着鼻雷,也带有强硬的性格和热能。口感虽然没有鼻子的奇妙,但是也不逊色。很多干果味,还有很传统的酿酒工艺。

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