Smooth Sensational Wine Sailing!

Let your clients and colleagues experience the magical adventure by a luxury private yacht cruise offering an elegant and unique experience for everybody to be surrounded by luxury with our excellent Grand Cru wines. With wine tasting and a sailing luxury yacht combined, you will get immersed in a fantastic atmospheric setting with Singapore’s stunning coastline as your backdrop and the warm breeze against your skin.

Sit back…. relax…. and enjoy an array of premium wines from France.

Our wine experts will guide you on how to appreciate French wine in a fun, sociable and relaxing environment!

Why limit yourself on land when you can unwind over the sea! This experience is perfect for special occasions, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, romantic getaways, wine club events, parties and more.

wine tasting in yacht

 Here Are Some Clients That We Worked With



We pride ourselves on building positive experiences for all our clients. Read below to hear what they have to say about us!

  • positive review  I have definitely learned a lot after speaking to the wine curator who has lots of great knowledge to learn from! The wine selection is good with good price! Highly recommended! 👍

    Evanne Chia Avatar Evanne Chia

    positive review  Great selection of wines with reasonable price! Great customer service with good explanation of the wine recommendation! Will definitely go back!

    Teogee Avatar Teogee

    positive review  PK gave a great session on italian wines... Essy to understand and appreciation made easy.

    Eric Toh Avatar Eric Toh
  • positive review  Nice presentation thanks !

    Julien Nitard Avatar Julien Nitard

    positive review  insightful and fun wine tasting! great coach!

    Lee Wei Sheng Avatar Lee Wei Sheng

    positive review  Excellent place! Product knowledge is really good learned a lot abt wines 🙂

    Myera Tan Pichay Avatar Myera Tan Pichay
  • positive review  Great whiskey class conducted by Ben. We liked it so much we attended the class two weeks in a row. Would be interested to attend more whiskey classes to appreciate more about Whiskey!

    Jun-Yi Yap Avatar Jun-Yi Yap

    positive review  Attended two courses: Intro to Whisky and Whisky Discovery. Both are very informative, entertaining, and eye opening! Benjamin is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about whisky. The knowledge and experiences he shared have piqued my interest & curiosity, made me want to know more about whisky. Another thing I enjoy about the courses: the opportunity to taste vintage whisky! Highly recommended! 👍

    Jia Horng Avatar Jia Horng

    positive review  Great Whiskey 101 class! Very informative and definitely will recommend 🙂

    Chin Hou Lai Avatar Chin Hou Lai
  • positive review  Great session, the instructor kept us entertained throughout.

    Raka Banerjee Avatar Raka Banerjee

    positive review  Very informative and fun, would recommend

    Kuan Yue Lim Avatar Kuan Yue Lim

    positive review  Very informative and interesting! We will definitely do the class again 🙂

    Jeanny Roho Avatar Jeanny Roho
  • positive review  Champagne tasting was fun and very informative! Thank you PK!

    Ulrike Agostin Avatar Ulrike Agostin

    positive review  Fun and entertaining wine appreciation, best thing is you don’t have to go home afterwards! Love the 2 hours of talk on Burgundy wines.

    Daphne Chuk Yin Han Avatar Daphne Chuk Yin Han

    positive review  Excellent virtual Whisky 101 class! Very informative and great selection of whisky for tasting. Lots of fun as well.

    Tina Tan Avatar Tina Tan
  • positive review  Very entertaining and informative wine and whisky tasting classes, highly recommend!

    Denis Filippov Avatar Denis Filippov

    positive review  Attended the Whisky tasting class (Virtual) Very informative and entertaining. Removes the mystery and without the "Glam" sometimes on tasting workshops.. Down to earth. Open discussion and realistic! Highly recommended

    Christopher Blake Avatar Christopher Blake

    positive review  Great selection of good wines and also some pretty old wines! We had a virtual wine tasting and it was good fun.

    Mae Yen Teoh Avatar Mae Yen Teoh

Break out of the city humdrum and impress your people with an event like never before! Our wine sailing experience is sure to be forever etched on everybody’s mind.

Inquire now to start your Wine Yacht Adventure!


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